Merican Military History in Pop Culture

Essay on American Military History in Popular Culture:

-Topic: Discuss how the American Military or a War/ Battle that the American Military has been in involved in is portrayed in a book, movie, video game, or other popular form. That means something from your lifetime. A painting from 1850 is not pop culture. Neither is a documentary from the HIST Channel.

-The Point: this isnat High School or Grade School so Iam NOT looking for a book or movie review here. I want you to see how the American Military is shown to the general public. For example: Most Americans just know that on July 4th you have a cookout and watch fireworks. They donat know WHY the Holiday exists. The only reason some people know of Samuel Adams is the beer. Likewise there is a Mad Anthony Beer. Do the companies even know who these men were? Do people drinking the beer know?
Many people get their History from pop culture and not textbooks so does pop culture hurt not only the general public but American Military History itself, or does it help?

-Consider the questions: how is American Military History/ American Military portrayed? Is it historically accurate? Why or why not? What is wrong? Who made the book/ movie/ etc? Did they have any knowledge of the Military or Battle, etc? Did they do any research on the subject? Is the American Military or Battle/ War, etc portrayed in a favorable or unfavorable light? Why or why not? Do not just review the art form. In other words donat write a movie review.

-Research: do some historic research to incorporate into your paper. You MUST include Chicago Format citations and a Bibliography. Be sure to list your pop culture pick in the Bibliography too. (And before you askI have no idea how beer would be listed in Chicago Format. I donat think the people that developed the format know either. Just list the name and brewing company.)

-Length: the essay should be at least 2 FULL pages. Include an opening and closing paragraph. Citations and the Bibliography do not count as your pages.

-Grammar: be sure not to say I thinka¦ Keep I, we, us, our, and contractions (didnat) etc out of formal essays. By the way you write you are telling me how you think. Be concise and well thought out.

-Format: Be sure to add your name to the Doc title ie. ZuponMelindaMPopEssay. Include a title page with your name, date, assignment title. Place page numbers at the bottom of each page. Use Times New Roman12 pt. Double space.


This essay will be worth 100 points. You will be graded on length, grammar/ spelling, format, submission on time, accuracy/ analysis. Be sure to add more than just basic analysis.