Merican Perspective on Racism | Mexican/Latin American Studies Program

The purpose of this essay is for to research, locate critical race-conscious issues, and then write a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of three immediate and pressing problems in the Chican/Latin community. Furthermore, students will extend their discussion by reviewing the intended and unintended consequences of the solutions currently applied to some of the community s problems today.
The best way to start this assignment is to go to the library and collect a book that includes a good survey of some sociocultural and economic problems or challenges in the Chican/Latin community. Here are some examples of some good books with discussions of historical community patterns and trends.[1] You may also go to some good and legitimate public policy institutes for current reports on this topic.

· Alameda County Public Health Department |
· Public Policy Institute of California | edu/

Once you have located a good book/document for review, your task is to carefully and thoroughly read it and then outline three problems and issues the authors believe to be critical, immediate, and pressing. This ought to take you 500 hundred words.

Next, once you have outlined and thoroughly discussed three issues, your task is to find three good sources that discuss these problems and some of the solutions involved. For example, if language rights is one of your community issues, then you would look for a source discussing the issues involved and some of the solutions involved. Here is a list of some major issues to look for: population growth; economic opportunity structures; Latino student achievement; bilingual education; illness and wellness for individuals, families, and communities; immigration; and crime and justice. These are just a few issues that can get you started. You may talk to me more about this and I can guide you into more directions. Use this opportunity to talk to me because I can direct you to some great issues and with some great analysis included.

All papers must be written using APA format. The undergraduate standard for paper length is 5 to 7 pages. I grade papers based on how students develop their presentation, sequentially lay out their presentation, edit their work, and clarity on all ideas. This is a writing assignment and your goal is to write a thoughtful paper which includes academic tasks such as outline, discussion, and evaluation. Be critical, be honest.
Sample Outline

I. Introduction to the Chicano/Latino community and the sociocultural and economic issues that exist
II. Discuss three sociocultural and economic problems or challenges in the Chican/Latin community.
a. Issue #1
b. Issue #2
c. Issue #3
III. Evaluate three sociocultural and economic problems or challenges and their policy solutions
a. Issue #1 | Intended and unintended consequences of the policy solution
b. Issue #2 | Intended and unintended consequences of the policy solution
c. Issue #3 | Intended and unintended consequences of the policy solution
IV. Discuss the long-term issues and implications for the Nation, California, and/or your neighborhood
V. Conclusion

[1] All of the sources for this assignment must be peer-reviewed/refereed scholarly sources. All of your periodical and non-periodical sources must come from peer-reviewed/refereed scholarly publishing companies. I will accept on line journal articles however they must be from peer-reviewed/refereed scholarly journals. I have recommended some web sites to visit. I recommended these because I typically use these sites for my own research and I have thoroughly reviewed the content of these web sites. The goal here is to get familiar with academic sources from legitimate scholars in the field of Mexican/Latin American Studies