Merican Playwright Charles Ludlam and his impact on the arts world as a Renowned Arts Leader.

This is a research paper on the playwright Charles Ludlams life and work, where the thesis is what impact this playwright, actor, and director had on the world of the arts. As the founder of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company”, his work in theatre and film had made him a recognized Renowned Arts Leader. Why is this?

Questions to address:
Who was he and how did he arrive to the theatre?
What was his work like? what was he like?
Was he viewed with respect upon his entrance into the theatre?
Why is he considered a Renowned Art Leader?

His films, although unfinished, are very important. one is available at watch?v3HRCpBrMhu0

what impact did he have on the art world during his time, and if any, today? This is the main question to be addressed.