Merican Pop Art (1960s)  Mirror of Mass culture.

The final research paper is a 10-paged typed, double-spaced essay. You should use 11-point type, approximately 250 words per page. A thoughtful research paper, in full research paper form, with additional illustrations, notes and bibliography is required. You must always cite your sources (ideas or quotes) in the research paper. Please use footnotes, not parenthetical notes. Please follow  CHICAGO .
The research paper must be an original product .

Here is a guide of the format:

I. Introduction
A. Thesis
B. Basic overview of information
II. one
III. two
IV. three
V. Conclusion
A. Review of points
B. Opinion

The introduction and conclusion will each be two short paragraphs, about half a page each, and the text points each about three pages. That arrangement will total ten pages.

(***The writings have to be clear and consistent with the topic. The Focus will be to make the thesis as strong as possible.)

The over all Thesis statement is as follows: (Please rewrite it properly as needed)

American Pop Art (1960s)  Mirror of Mass culture.

In the postmodern period, in 1960s, many artists in pop art became very popular. The art became more close to people; the television media brought the world closer and people were highly influenced by consumerism.

In the thesis, we will discus the works of the following three artistes, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Tom Wesselman who tried to reflect the then society and its culture in their art forms.

For the artists, following are the list of their works to be discussed:

Following are the details:

Andy Warhol:
I. Icons from advertising
A. Campbell s soup
II. Icons from Hollywood
A. Marilyn Monroe

Robert Rauschenberg:
I. Combine painting (Concentrating on the real world around us)
A. Riding bike
II. Photographs transferred to the canvas by means of the silkscreen process.
A. Retroactive I (Kennedy)

Tom Wesselman:
I. Aesthetic use of every day objects
A. Still life
II. Nudes study
A. Sunset nude (Pin-up-girl)