Merican Popular Culture from 1900 to 1950 Research Paper

10 Page Research Paper
Use mostly primary along with secondary sources (At least 4 sources, perhaps more if available)
Choose a topic (person, event, film, etc. from American popular culture from 1900 to 1950 and using the chosen sources and critical analysis illustrate the significance of the topic on American popular culture.
Explanation: These instructions are very vague and the class is History of American Popular Culture from 1900-1950″. We learned about several of the most influential figures during this time so would it be possible for the author to contact me through e-mail regarding the topic chosen before going forth with the essay so I could make sure it is an appropriate topic that wasnt gone into in-depth during class. Because of the vagueness in description of the assignment, the topic could be really anything and I would like to make sure the topic along with the primary sources used are appropriate. Thank you.