Merican Probation and Parole Association

The research proposal includes three components finding relevant journal articles, completing a literature review and finally a methods proposal for your research questions. You will need to select a topic for your proposal which should be related to crime and justice, but the topic is for you to choose (from the designated list). Choosing a very specific topic,-research idea will make your proposal easier (list of topics provided). Once you have chosen a topic, the next step is to compose your research question.

Once you have selected your research topic you will need to find 10 journal articles that relate to your topic of interest. These articles must be from academic journals. An easy way to tell if it is a journal article is whether or not there is an abstract. If there is an abstract than it will count for a journal article. Each article needs to be listed on a reference page using one of the following methods (ASA or APA only). Once you have selected your articles you will need to read each of them.

The second step of your project after finding the 10 journal articles and/or outside sources is to write a literature review which summarizes the current research on the topic. It is in this part of the paper where you will discuss the ten articles, referencing them when appropriate. You need to discuss the methods and findings for each journal article. Make sure all quotes and usage of othersa ideas are cited properly. Plagiarizing will result in a failing grade.

The final portion is your methodological proposal. This is the part of the paper where you will tell me exactly what your research proposal is. In your proposal you should discuss the following where appropriate. Keep your project simpledonat try to do too much at one time. Be as specific as possible in your description of your methodology.

Null Hypothesis

Research Hypothesis

Operationalization of the variables

Independent and Dependent Variables

Attributes for the variables and their levels of measurement

Whether the direction of the relationship you are trying to find is positive or negative

Type of study, longitudinal or cross sectional

Who or what are you studying, what is the population, will you use a sample, if so how.

Unit of Analysis

Reliability and Validity of your method

If experiment, type of design, if using an instrument, provide the instrument

How are you collecting the data?

How will you analyze your data once you have collected it?

Is your methodology different or the same as previous researchhow is it the same, how is it different

This section should be a roadmap of how you are going to conduct your study and collect your data. You do not need to collect the data, but I clearly need to know everything you would do if you were collecting the data and analyzing the data. Be as specific as possible in your discussion. I should be able to take your proposal and have all of the information I need to go out and do your study. This should be in paper format with complete sentences and paragraphs.