Merican Railroad or Baseball Americas sport.

Course objective: Complete an substantial piece of primary research, about 25 pages with a min of 5 PRIMARY SOURCES. Before my paper is completed, i must have the sources being used handed in to my professor by the 24th, no later. So i need a list of the sources being used on my paper. This is my SENIOR SEMINAR THESIS in regards to History, i am graduating after this class with a Bachelors in History. I was looking to see if the writer could do either of the following based on their opinion or choice. why Sports are so tied to America. (Babe Ruth during the 20s, Steroids Scandal, baseballs importance to America, impact it had on American Morale during WWI and WWII. The other possible topic is The Transcontinental Railroad and how it was the first big business in America and how the Union Pacific scandaled the government out of millions. Also can get into how the railroad changed out nation drastically. If these do not seem feasible, any topic will do because i am desperate for help.