Merican Revolution & Land (History of American people)

Write 2 essays, 4-5 pages for each
Topic 1: American Revolution
Description: Describe and analyze the origins and consequences of the Revolution. What factors contributed to the coming of the Revolution? What effects did the Revolution have on different groups of Americans?
Reading 7, 8, & 9
Slideshow 2 & 3
Daniels, Coming to America, Chapter 5
Kolchin, America Slavery, Chapter 3
Topic 2: LAND
Prompt: The issue of land figures large in the colonial experiences. In this essay, explain and analyze the relationships between Indians and colonists regarding land. How did each group view the use of land and human relationship to land? How did such views reflect greater ideological perspectives that they hand towards each other? In addition to their views, what factors contributed to conflicts on land?
Reading 1
Reading 2 (Focus)
Reading 3
Slideshow 1
Slideshow 2
Slideshow 3
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Please use the source I uploaded, do not use any internet source. The best essays tend to use at least four or five, and often more. You don t have to have footnotes, endnotes, or a bibliography at the end. But you d need to insert citations at the end of each quotation. Use parentheses and refer to author or title  followed by page number or slide number.
Example 1: As the book Coming To America states, the  seventeenth century was a religious age, and the hand of God was seen regularly where today we would assign other causes (Daniels 47).