Merican Revolution within the timeline of colonial to 1877

I need an essay about the myriad of events that cause the American Revolution and the importance of Classical Liberalism from the Enlightenment upon it. Be sure to include factual support and opinions to answser all the following questions:

When did the revolt really start (1763 and before the navigation acts!) What were the colonists main resons for the disagreements with britain? Who were key players in American dissent? How did revolutionary, Enlightenment rhetoric affect the black struggle for freedom? Womens issues? Explain in great document detail. Was the American War of Independence revolutionary? Be specific.”

When answering the questions be very inclusive with the following 3 sources:

Lies My Teacher Told MEby James W. Lowen
ISBN-13: 978-0-7432-9628-1

A Peoples History Of The United Statesby Howard Zinn
ISBN-13: 978-1-56584-826-9

Give Me Liberty! An American Historyby Eric Foner
ISBN: 0-393-97873-7

It is prefereable that you write the essay including opinions with similar perspective as the the 3 books listed.

Please feel free to debunk any of the Factsor statements in the books.

If you are writing the essay in a race perspective then keep in mind that I am Chinese. This is incase you make references, then please do so using a Chinese perspective. If gender perspective: I am male.

I prefer if you can write this without revealing what race/gender/culture/etc the writer of this essay is.

If you have any questions please email me