MG490 MOD 1 CA: Capstone Course in Contract Management

CMG490 MOD 1 CA: Capstone Course in Contract Management
Each modules case comprises a piece of a report that you will give to your Clientcompany. As you prepare each report, be mindful that this is a formal business report and should be prepared in accordance with the standards of business communications.
1. Each section of the report (corresponding to each modules case), should have an introduction and a conclusion.
2. Use headings that describe the topic of each section of the paper and guide the reader through it.
3. Use bullet points judiciously for example, when listing key points for the readers consideration.
4. Use in-text (parenthetical) citations or footnotes where you cite data or information you got from outside sources. Provide a reference list at the end.
Here are some optional readings that can help you format your cases:
McMurrey, D.A. (n.d.). Online technical writing: Headings. Retrieved from htm
Write for your audience the business owner, CFO, or procurements officer. Keep your presentation and language simple and professional. Spelling errors, typos and grammatical errors are the death knell of business reports. Proof read and edit until you are sure your paper is error-free.
This modules case will serve as an introduction to your report. You want to start by explaining what Contract Lifecycle Management is and how it works. In other words, make the business case for contract lifecycle management. The main part of the paper should center on a discussion of the following question:
What are the benefits of a CLM solution?
a? Contract security and accessibility
a? Increased revenue
a? Decreased cost
a? Contractual, regulatory, procedural compliance
a? Risk mitigation
Use data and statistics from your own research to make your case!
Finish by laying out a brief roadmap for the rest of the report. Explain how you will assess the organization, the possible software they might consider, and the role of contract management in compliance and risk mitigation.
1. Answer questions with clarity.
2. Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.
3. Try your best to search in our library to find some papers/articles to support your argument and show them in the reference list.
4. This paper should be 3 pages long, plus references.
5. Absolutely no plagiarism.