MG490 MOD 1 SLP: Capstone Course in Contract Management

The SLP and case in the capstone course project work together. The SLP involved gathering information and assessing needs and the cases write up your findings in a form that serves as a report to management. This report can assist management in assessing their contract management capabilities, and evaluating possible CLM/ECM options.
In essence, you will be acting as a Consultantadvising a Clienton what an automated contract management system can do for his or her organization. The first step is to locate a business who would like your assistance in receiving a free evaluation as a part of a class project for a course in contract management. Be sure to read the background material thoroughly before you approach a potential Clientso that you can knowledgably discuss CLM. You might want to complete the first part of the case to reinforce that knowledge before you talk to your Client”.
Explain that your services will include the following:
An assessment of the need companys for a contract management system, consisting of:
1. A diagnosis of the companys current contract procedures and processes.
2. An evaluation of different automated systems currently available.
3. A recommendation on which systems(s) might best fit the companys needs and resources.
4. A written report to management of your findings and recommendations, accompanied by a presentation, if desired.
Explain that you will need to interview the chief executive, or person in charge of contract administration for the first two parts of this consultation, after which you may need limited follow-up as you finish your evaluation of systems and recommendations. Interviews can be in person, by phone, web conference, or even by email though the last option is probably least preferable. The initial interview will probably take 60 90 minutes.
If you and your client opt for a final presentation of the report, it will take 45 minutes to one hour.
Arrange for an interview with the business owner, chief executive, CFO, controller, or person significantly involved in the administration of the companys contracts.
In a two page paper,
a? Identify the business you will be working with for this project and briefly describe the business they are in.
a? Who will you be interviewing and what is his/her job title?
a? What is the date of your interview and where will it take place?
a? Is it in person, by phone, on the internet or by some other means?
1. Answer questions with clarity.
2. Show depth and breadth in your paper to enhance the quality of your paper.
3. Try your best to search the internet to find some papers/articles to support your argument and show them in the reference list.
4. Absolutely no plagiarism.