MI Unit 3005 Identifying development opportunities and Unit 3008 Improving team performance

For each of the tasks below, please write practical examples.
The guideline word count for each task is detailed in each section.
Please use the models provided in the attached files.
Please advise if you require any additional information.

Regards. Iliyan

Task 1

Describe the key factors in successfully leading individuals and the team to meet agreed objectives. Identify how the objectives of the organisation affect and influence the objectives of teams and individuals within the team. Provide an example of an organisational goal and identify how it has had an impact on team objectives. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of three methods of communicating objectives to your team and explain which method you consider to be most effective and why.

Guideline word count: 600 750 words

Task 2
Describe the methods that you can use when conducting competence reviews for your individual team members and the team as a whole. Identify how you compare the current competences of your team against the organisational objectives.

Guideline word count: 400 550 words

Task 3

Provide an example of where the current competencies of your team do not fully match the organisational objectives . Identify activities to develop team competencies, and explain the impact of current competencies on organisational objectives. Describe the process of agreeing development opportunities with individuals and the team as a whole. Produce a personal development plan for individuals or your team identifying activities and timescales for completion. Describe how you will monitor, assess and review achievement against the individual/team developmental objectives.

Guideline word count: 850 1150 words

Task 4

List some of the different types of performance issues you might encounter as a f irst line manager, and describe how you might identify them. Describe some of the tools and techniques that are available to evaluate how individuals and the team are performing, including their associated behaviour. Identify the range of approaches available to you and identify where your limits of responsibility would start and end.

Guideline word count: 850 950 words

Task 5

You have a team member whose performance is unsatisfactory. Describe the different methods of help and support available to improve the individuals performance. Explain how you would prepare for and conduct a performance counselling session with your team member. Explain why it is important to maintain confidentiality.

Guideline word count: 500 550 words

Task 6

Produce an example of an action plan for a team member who needs to improve his/her performance. Suggest what support services you could draw on and how you might use them. Explain how you would make sure that the plan was achieved.

Explain the types of situations when (a) disciplinary (b) grievance procedures may be used. Explain your role in these situations as a first line manager.

Identify why it is important to keep records of what actions actually take place and the outcomes of those actions.

Guideline word count: 900-1000 words