Midterm Essay Questions: The New Deal and Opportunities in the World Wars

3 Pages Per Question!

Answer the following 2 questions in a complete, and well-structured essay. Use examples from the lectures, readings, and your own research to support your arguments. When using information from your course readings or your own research, cite your sources (footnotes or endnotes). There is no minimum or maximum page limits per se, but you should keep the following in mind: It isn t likely that you can write a passing essay in under 750 words (3 pages), and simply adding filler and dropping random bits of information is likely to cloud, rather than support, your argument. Be concise, but be complete.

1. Was the New Deal merely a revival of progressivism s ideas after the hiatus of the 1920s? Or did the events and changes of the 1920s alter the social and political landscape so much so that any comparison between the New Deal era and the progressive era is only superficial? What impact did the 1920s have, if any, on people s ideas about the state and its relationship to society?

2. The 2 World Wars created opportunities for many Americans, especially several marginalized groups including women and African-Americans. Compare the impact of the 2 wars and their aftermaths on the United States in general and on these groups in particular.