Mile Durkheim and Suicide”: Social causes and Social Types

This is a position paper on Emile Durkheim and Suicide”, you will be using this link to the book, and have a position, only within pages 145-277, Social Causes and Social Types

A) Thats states the topic/theme/question you are addressing, express clearly why it is significant, and hint at your assumed answer to this question. introduce the theory. you will notice that THEORY is very flexible, but while we recognize this, writing theory requires you to express where you think the theory leads in relation to your topic/theme/question.

B) EXPOSITION (Theorists Voice): in a brief and concise way you will put forth your ideas with exaples and insights. here you will outline each of the ways in which you have used the theory in relation to your topic/theme/question, taking the reader through each step of your logic about the theory in relation to the topic/theme/question. this shows, without being too definitional, that you understand the theory, and how you are using it.

C)ANALYSIS:(your voice): in a logical manner you will analyze your position, you views, and the examples on the topic/theme/question you are addressing. in the analysis YOU are making it clear how you see the topic/theme/question/ example relate to one another. by using appropriate examples you will show how you see the theory working in relation to what you have chosen as your focus of interest.

D) CONCLUSION: you will re-state your main argument and summarize the points you have made. here you can make brief claims about the value of the theory, and how it applied to the topic/theme/question you chose. was the theory useful?