Mile Durkheim The Rules Of Sociological Method and Suicide.

You will only have to look at particular chapters from each of the texts.

The Rules Of Sociological Method:
Authors Preface To The Second Edition,
Chapter 1 What Is A Social Fact?,
Chapter 2 Rules For The Observation Of Social Facts.

Editors Preface (by G. Simpson, 1950),
Editors Introduction The Aetiology Of Suicide.
Preface (by Durkheim)
Introduction, and
Chapters 1 4.

Drawing upon AND CITING RELEVANT PASSAGES FROM the 2 texts and other source materials, answer the questions listed under the 2 topics.
You are expected to assemble your answers in an essay format : with introduction, development of ideas (in relation to the answers you have formulated from each question), and a conclusion.

1. Reading: Passages from Durkheims, The Rules of the Sociological Method (you are expected to read the relevant chapters as well as other sociological theory books).

1. What did Durkheim mean when he argued that we must treat social facts as things?

2. What are the characteristics of Social Facts? What examples does Durkheim provide?

3. How do they differ from other kinds of facts (eg. biological or psychological)?

4. Can we study the facts of the Social World scientifically? How do we do this?

2. Reading: Passages from Durkheims Suicide (and from other relevant sociological theory sources)

1. How does Durkheim define suicide and how does his definition differ from common sense?

2. Why did Durkheim consider suicide a suitable subject for sociological analysis?

3. What, for Durkheim are the four types of Suicide?

4. How does Durkheim link the types of suicide with their causes. Give an example of two types of suicide, and their causes..

ALL questions must be answered fully for both sections.
Key Texts For This Essay:

1. Durkheim, E. The Rules of Sociological Method. 8th Edition, Translated by Sarah A. Solovay and John H. Mueller and Edited by George E. G. Catlin. The Free Press, New York. Collier Macmillan Limited, London.

2. Durkheim, E. Suicide. Translated by John A. Spaulding and George Simpson. Edited with an Introduction by George Simpson. Routledge & Kegan Paul, London and Henley.

The above two texts are what the whole essay is based on.

You are expected to use the above two, as well as other relevant sociological theory books/journals.

Some other sources that may be useful to include in the essay are:

Bierstadt, R (ed) Emile Durkheim
Giddens, A (ed) Emile Durkheim: Selected Writings
Wolff, K (ed) Essays on Sociology and Social Philosophy by Emile Durkheim
Giddens, A. (ed) The Sociology of Suicide (chp. 3)
Hughes, J.A. et al, Understanding Classical Sociology
Aron, R. Main Currents in sociological Thought Vol 2
Nisbet, R., The Sociological Tradition
Pearce, F., The Radical Durkheim
Rex, J. Key Problems in Sociological Theory
Thomson, K. & Tunstall, J. (eds) Sociological Perspectives chp 33
Ritzer, G. Classical Sociological Theory (2nd ed.)