Mile Durkheims Theories on Education and Morality

Write a research paper discussing and analyzing Emile Durkheim theories and ideas on Education &Morality

The term paper, written according to MLA formal style, will be a minimum of 5 pages long, typewritten, double-spaced, with 1 inch top, bottom, left and right margins; font size can be 10 or 12. Please use standard fonts such as Times New Roman, Courier, or Arial. A title page and works cited page are required. The Title and Works Cited pages do NOT count towards the 5 pages.

Note: The paper must be written in the third person.

The paper shall consist of:
1. An introduction.
2. A presentation of your research on the topic. What did you find out? Try to approach from different angles, and with an objective point of view.
3. A discussion of your research results. Explain the selected theorist s point of view.
4. YOUR ANALYSIS and ARGUMENTS on whether this sociological theorist s ideas are still relevant to present day society.
5. A conclusion, summarizing findings. You can also present arguments why you agree or disagree with the ideas of the selected theorist.
6. A Works Cited page.
7. Papers must be written entirely in the third person format. Avoid the use of  I ,  we ,  my type pronouns.

Note: A biography of the sociological theorist IS NOT necessary. Concentrate on researching ideas and analyzing them.


References may consist of books or academic journals. A Works Cited page is required, listing all your sources. You must always cite references in the text of your paper whenever you use somebody s ideas or argument. A minimum of 5 references must be used. At least three (3) of the references must be books or sociological journals. Additional references may include Internet sources, as long as they are cited properly in the text