Minent domain For the People or Against the People

The Constitution states that private property may be taken by eminent Domain as long as it is for public use and there is a fair compensation
Good points of Eminent domain Taken old abandon buildings and make useful more attractive public facilities. Build roads, schools, railroads, parks, etc.
Now the Government is abusing their condemnation power to take people s home and small business to build strip malls. Now government is taken from private citizens and giving it to large developers to build Costco, Wal-marts and Home Depots. The Government is using eminent domain to create tax dollars as a justification to take homes and business away from small town America.
If we keep accepting this abuse of power, it will kill the Norman Rockwell s, down home towns. Country living will only be known as a time in history, at this rate.
Kelo v. New London Conn.  The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld New London s right to transfer powers of eminent domain to a private business for economic development.
City of Norwood v. Burton  Norwood can force owners out. This case is a example of a government renting out its authority to a private entity.

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I wish the government would be mindful of an earlier document dated before the Bill of Rights, Its call The Declaration of Independence. Within the first lines it states people have the right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Well if you Happiness includes small tow living, to own a small family business, or to live in a home your family owned for a century, you maybe out of luck with eminent domain.