Minute speech/ topic on my cultural heritage see below (with bibliography)

Select a topic related in some way to your ethnic, religious or cultural heritage and prepare a 3-5 minute informative speech. Examples of topics include: French regional cuisine, Polish Christmas customs, gospel music, a Jewish wedding ceremony or an American 4th of July. You need not have personal knowledge (but it would help) about your topic and are encouraged to do research. Public libraries are excellent sources for information as are grandparents and other relatives.

Visual aids are encouraged but not required. Emphasis will be on a good attention getting introduction with an obvious thesis. Try to include good transitions between your major ideas. In the area of delivery, work on developing direct eye contact with the camera or audience and work on facial expressions that reinforce the emotional aspects of your message.

A by-product of this assignment is an opportunity for personal growth as well as a chance for me to learn more about you.