Mirates Airlines Cabin Crew Strategic Development System for Effective Staff Motivational Management

In this case study I will explain the importance of the cabin crew in the aviation industry and brief about the sensitive recruitment , individual productivity, future career development choices with promotional opportunities that keeps the staff.
Finally I will suggest new motivational ideas for cabin crew in order to provide staff investment plans and avoiding any turnover.

Objective & Scope:
To build a case from a beginning of the recruitment process of the cabin crew. The expectations and challenges that face the individuals and how emirates airlines implement ideas to keep the motivational level up competing with other international airlines.

-explain and illustrate the importance of recruitment , training and motivation
-explain the internal and external surrounding factors affecting the motivation level and the staff development plans
-demonstrate the way cabin crew adopted with stressful lifestyle in order to serve the organization for a strategic future improvements
-what happens when the cabin crew member decide to stop working as a crew, what is the other job possibilities available, does he/she consider working for the same airline, & what are the reasons beyond.
-what is the career expectations as a airline crew member

Student Activities & Outcomes:
I will display this case study to provide analysis of cabin crew program for full service carrieras flight attendant and how to reflect the company image. Emphasis on leadership development plan by emirates airlines. Skills and abilities and knowledge enhancement plan to maintain the performance with the company mission and vision. Finally with suggest ideas for inspirational method which could be implemented by emirates airlines for the existing cabin crew to perform better and be more productive.

Initial Draft chapter heading for your project:
Organization mission & vision
Cabin Crew recruitment
Cabin crew performance
Cabin Crew Motivation Methods