Miratization or Nationalization policy : challenges, affects on diversity management, and recommendation for modification

My disseration topic is about the Emiratization or nationalization policy in the United Arab Emirates looking at its implementation and the barriers and challenges it faces, how it affects the role of managers when applying diversity managers, and looking for solutions to modify and enhance this policy.

The methodology is conducting interviews with influential HR managers in leading companies in the United Arab Emirates, a step which I have undertaken already so you may want to mention that in the end.I have conducted interviews with leading HR managers in the oil ,finance, public, and private sectors in the UAEs 3 major cities : Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah.

I want the introduction to include a brief background about the United Arab Emirates and its formation which called and needed for expatriate labor force, its demographic structure, and the challenges it faces with its dependence on expatriates workforce who comprise over 70% of its labor force.

Then talk about the start of implementation of this nationalization policy a step which has been undertaken to increase the number of nationals in the workforce, and talk about how this policy is a Human Resource challenge in all Gulf State countries (saudi arabia, bahrian,qatar, kuwait , oman, and UAE) for they are applying this policy as well. The chapter should talk about what has been written regarding this policy and what issues this policy arises and the challenges it faces. Also talk about how this policy affects the role of managers and managing diverse workforce and how is the country dealing with managing diversity and the same time implementing this policy. At the end talk about what has been written to modify this policy, comapring maybe what has been done in neighbouring countries to the UAE such as Oman and Saudi Arabia