There has been a a?leaka? in the media that there has been a diagnosis of a possible case of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Mad Cowas Disease) in a carcass sourced from one particular beef cattle property within a small area of the country of Hypothetico. It has been reported by scientific authorities that BSE infective material has only ever been found to date in central nervous tissue.

Quarantine processes and facilities are of world class standards in Hypothetico and this is the first case recorded in the history of this country. Authorities are unsure as yet as to how the disease has entered the country. Recent assurances from the relevant authorities, in response to the recent media report, have been made to the effect that infected material had neither contaminated the domestic food supply nor any export stock.

Outbreaks have occurred in the UK, Germany and Canada some years ago which had a devastating effect on domestic and international consumer confidence and the beef industries within the affected countries. It is only relatively recently that things have begun to recover in these countries.


Explain specifically how you would approach a Public Relations Crisis Management Plan, the goal of which is to reassure the relevant publics and mitigate as far as possible damage to the Hypothetico beef industry. Thorough justification for each aspect of your plan and recommended approaches to be undertaken are required. Make sure that you include a situational analysis or background to the issue, what research needs to be undertaken, briefly outline print and electronic media communications you would recommend and the audiences (publics) these communications will be targeting, taking account of the likely issues of concern.

A sample of a one page print media release you think would be useful should be included with your Plan.

You will also need to include in your Plan what the process (tactics) would be for implementation of your communication strategies and recommendations on how best to deliver these to the relevant audiences. You will also need to include the ways in which to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of your plan.

Your will be assessed on the thoroughness of your analysis and Plan and also on the level of critical thinking, judgment and problem solving demonstrated. The quality of your written expression and clarity of reasoning will also be assessed.

Your plan should be no more than 2500 words in length. You should reference your work where appropriate within the body of the report, and include a reference list at the end of your report on the Plan.