MKTG 3570: Personal selling )sales INTERVIEW ROLE PLAY

THIS is MRKT 357 which is personal selling. The TEXT is Selling: Building Partnerships; Castleberry & Tanner 2014.I will have SALES INTERVIEW ROLE PLAY. The objective with the Sales Interview Role-Play is to discover business problems/needs of the buyer (played be me). Through the Sales Interview Role-Play youll learn how to use SPIN consultative selling techniques to effectively/fully-uncover buyer business problems/needs. Please first, to read the file which is role play case 2, and the second file which is James Contract Manufacturing. Your assigned Industrial User Situation is: James Contract Manufacturing.Third to write follow on the third file as call objective, business application, situation Q, problem Q etc. (anything on the file required) I also give you some example about what role play looks like. The last file is what the professor grade on this role play. ( ps: you may need to read the text to understand what I learn about SPIN consultative selling techniques)