Mma Lazarus, The New Colossus (750 words)

Emma Lazarus, The New Colossus (750 words)paper has a viable theme that is well supported by textual evidence, smooth transition, strong diction, and persuasive tone, with little or no errors. It is an excellent paper that has the unity, cohesion, organization, and smoothness.
you will be writing on the theme, the overarching idea in the assigned books. If you use any external sources, please make sure to provide in-text citation and work cited. You may directly quote short phrases or sentences with quotation marks, paraphrase in your own words, or summarize sources to incorporate into your paper. For your researched paper, please use academic journals or books for references; obviously to avoid any charge of plagiarism, do not use any paper mills sites, the sites that charge fees or memberships, to download or sell papers. Avoid also any digested materials from Spark notes or Cliff notes, or similar publications. Please make sure to use only legitimate or valid sources of information; just because materials are available on the Internet site does not mean that it is legitimate. Also please name the paper a title that suites you; be creative.