Mma Lazarus uses symbolism to convey ……(please complete and use as thesis)

Topic: You will choose a poem from our Literature book. It does not have to be one that we have reviewed in class. The essay will be an interpretation/explication of whatever interests or emotionally affects you about the essay. You will prove your thesis by citing evidence from the text and secondary sources.
Format: MLA (Wadsworth 233)

Learn to paraphrase. All articles should have authors listed.
Purpose: to explicate and persuade

Audience: PROFESSOR & your classmates
Tone: scholastic and formal

Works Cited: Required in MLA style including a citation of the text and all secondary sources
Grades: Essays will be graded on the basis of a clear and persuasive argument, as well as correct grammar and vocabulary, paragraph development, coherence, and paragraph unity. A logical, progressive development of your thesis is essential. An interesting opening and a definite conclusion will enhance your grade.