Mma Sulkowicz The Mattress-carrying Columbia University Student

A compelling story has been in the news for months now. Iti??s the story of Emma Sulkowicz, the mattress-carrying Columbia University student. For this extra credit assignment, I want you to read her story i?? there are countless sources, so I doni??t care which one(s) you read, but I do want you to include the link(s) in your write up. Specifically:
1. List the web link(s) of the article(s) you found. 2. Summarize her story in one paragraph. 3. What is you initial reaction to the story? 4. Determine what policies/resources OSU has regarding sexual assault. 5. Do you think OSUi??s policies/resources are adequate? Why or why not? 6. Why do you think sexual assault continues to be so prevalent on college campuses?