Module nameResearch methods in Social Sciences)

The case study will explore a particular issue in some depth. It will require the collection and analysis of data using one research method and will comprise the following elements.

1) Title
2) Introduction: case study research question (300 words)
3) Literature review of relevant literature (1200 words)
4) Research method: appropriateness, strengths and weaknesses, sample size (400 words)
5) Discussion and analysis of data collected (1200 words)
6) Conclusion (300 words)
7) Ethical considerations (100 words)
8) Bibliography

I was not given specific topic, I need to choose the Research Question myself, e.g. how does Guardian and Independent portray asylum seekers. Or difference between how tabloids and broadsheets covered one event, etc. I am not sure about research question, you can pick any, but it MUST be about UK mass media. Please call me for further info. I will send you my module outline and lecture slides.

Added on 22.01.2015 15:48
Thats the lecture notes I have. Can you please follow everything it is outlines.