a great enemy to good management. Adam Smith, (1776), The Wealth of Nations, Book I, Chapter XI. Discuss.

I attached the word file for guidance and one of my friend already order essay at this site so i prefer another writer(but i dono the writers id).

Also I want just main body of essay.because my essay is 1500 but i ordered 1000 because i already did intro and conclusion.

In addition i prefer just simple explain and strong structure just in main body explain the comparison of perfect competition and monopoly(and plz little mention about oligopoly when they cartel but don have to lot a few words)and monopolys characteristic with diagrams
and argument such as scale of economies(natural monopoly),price discrimination(u don need to explain first second but explain overall with diagram),x-ineffiency etc..with diagrams please

So i expects 4 or 5 diagrams with more than 3 referrences diagram shold be drawn by writer and refferences come from other books.

Actually This essay is not looking for adam smith or OFT or publich interest.Essay want to know about monopoly and compare with perfect competition what is different and before i told you i just need mainbody of essay.
N.gregory Mankiw-principles of economics