Months old baby who has not been given immunisatios

4000 words essay using Johns model of reflection to analyse a case scenario or critical incident. some useful resources will be given. please do not use unreliable internet resources like wikipedia
A mother comes into the Health Visitors (HV) clinic with a 5 months old baby requesting for immunisations. The baby was not on the system, never been seen or contacted by HVs

Please introduce the essay  the format of the essay in terms of essay criteria /
structure / outcomes etc
Identify a  critical incident from practice and give a succinct account of what this
 critical incident was and why you have chosen it for this assignment (to include
some research based evidence to back this up) 
do not write a case study.
The critical incident will form the basis for the essay (5 months old bay missing immunisations)
Then in relation to the  critical incident utilise a chosen model
of reflection  identifying why this particular model of reflection was considered as part
of the reflective process  so apply some critical analysis here and reflect on why this
particular model of reflection will form the basis for your essay.
Chosen model: Johns model of reflection
Your  critical incident will be analysed utilising your chosen model of reflection 
whereby you will need to demonstrate how this model of reflection enabled you to make
sense of the  critical incident  you will need to dissect the  critical incident

through your model of reflection and you will need to consider if this was an appropriate
model of reflection to have used?
How did this model of reflection enable you to
understand the situation? Make sense of the situation? etc How might your practice be
developed / improved in light of this  critical incident ? The  critical incident will
form the  bulk of the assignment  so you will need to demonstrate critical reflection in
practice / critical thinking and the ability to critically analyse the reflective model
identified / utilised  in relation to its functionality and how beneficial it was in enabling
you to understand the dynamics of the  critical incident identified.
This should then lead on to a conclusion / summary and recommendations for practice
what recommendations might be made as a result of the  critical incident that you
identified? how could practice be developed or improved as a result of this  critical
incident  ensure that you are analytical in your answer and not too descriptive.

Issues for discussion
lack of communication (midwife fail to notify the childs birth to child health, child not on system therefore not known by health Visitors.
Good team work observed in health visitors team, effective communication skill as as soon as case was know, a Datix incident form was completed. Mum was giving an appointment for a home visit on the next day. The health visitor went for the visit and could not gain entry. She left a missed appointment card with her number to be contacted. Mother contacted the HV on the following when she disclosed that she was no longer at that address she moved out of area but fail to disclose it, though they are still able to access that address to get their letters. The HV takes details of the new address and refers mum and child to the HV team in the area, she also makes telephone contacts to ensure that a home visit takes place as soon as possible. These took place a day after. The HV contacted the referrer during the visitor to reassure her. That baby was fine and there was no safety parental or environmental concerns identified.
Good way of moving matters forward
Mums ability to prioritise the babys need is put into question here.
what are the causative factors for her not disclose the change of address
it appeared that she have something to hidethat is why it was important to complete an initial home visit
literature shows that people who secretive are more likely not to engage with services placing the child in a situation of need and or danger
But she turn up asking for help (immunisations)
Co-operated and engaged by facilitating the home visit
She is a first time mum who was not aware/familiar with the UK system
Baby possibly missed 6-8 weeks check with the PG: if not GP would have referred to HV, maybe this is why she came to clinic.
Baby is now 3 months late with immunisations this put him at risk of infections now and in the future. What may the implications be.

Some Useful sources
NHS immunisations
Childrens Act.
Framework for the assessment of children in need
Safeguarding children
NICE guidelines
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