Motion Regulation: Relationship to Attachment Style

Psychology lab report.

Emotion Regulation: Relationship to Attachment Style
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Length: The total length should be 2,750 words +/10% (excluding the title page, abstract, tables/figures, and references). includes SPSS output for reference.

General overview of research project
Analyse a survey which has gathered Australian data relevant for understanding how attachment styles are related to various ways of regulating our emotions. We are particularly interested in how various insecure attachment styles may be linked to more problematical ways of regulating emotions (e.g., suppressing emotions) and how people with a secure attachment style may adopt a more problem focussed approach when confronted with emotional difficulties (e.g., cognitive reappraisal).

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a? Abstract 150 words
a? Introduction-1000 words
a? Method and Results -750 words
a? Discussion1000 words