MotionaI Intelligence (EI), Management, and Leadership-Sheila

EmotionaI Intelligence (EI), Management, and Leadership-Sheila

I am currently manager at a health insurance plan. In five years, I aspire to be a Vice President of Operations within a hospital.

Write a paper to describe the leader you aspire to be in 3-5 years in a role you aspire to have. Answer the following questions:

Use the following subtitles in the paper and answer the questions:

a?i Introduction

a?i How do your current performance strengths and vulnerabilities contribute to your performance as the leader you aspire to be? How do you need to change?

a?i Discuss your current emotional intelligence related to the leader you aspire to be. How do you need to change?

a?How have the seminal theorists discussed in this course helped you envision the leader you aspire to be and how you should become that leader?

a?i How will applying what you have learned allow you to cause positive change in the strategies and effectiveness of organizations as you develop into the leader you aspire to be and when you lead in the role you identified?

a?i Conclusion

Paper must be 100% plagiarism free, write with your own words.

This paper must have a strong introduction with a thesis statement, body, and a conclusion. Must be 100% plagiarism free (must be written in your own words). I will upload the Plagiarism report to you, must be at 0%.

Write (use 145 words for all for discussion questions) for discussion questions, and summary what you think about each question, please have example in the paper for each discussions questions. Also please have the questions in Bold on the paper and then put the information up under it. Please use (5) references (Use only these references (see below) in the paper and on the reference page.
Use only these references (see below)
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