Motional and Graphic Anti-smoking Advertisements and Its Effectiveness.

Community Health Paper. Good writing skills are essential for public health professionals; this assignment will provide you the opportunity to communicate well using the written word and hone your writing skills. Students will write a paper on a community health issue or concern of their choosing, for example, whether guns should be banned in the U.S., whether junk food should be regulated in some way, or reasons for the high infant mortality rate among African Americans. Be certain you write about a community health issue rather than a personal health issue, and that I approve your topic before you begin your research.
You will submit the final draft of your paper (your best work) to a peer reviewer who will provide feedback regarding content, organization and writing style (grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc.). You will then have an opportunity to make any edits you deem necessary prior to submitting it to me. Guidelines on how to write and edit a paper are available on Canvas under Files.”
The paper may NOT EXCEED 6 pages (excluding cover page, references, and any figures/diagrams you may choose to include), must be double spaced, have onea?inch margins, use 11 or 12 point font, and a minimum of five peer reviewed journal references (additional nona?peer reviewed references are acceptable). Please use APA formatting.