Motional and memory suppression when processing trauma

Original writing only. Plagiarism and similarity will be checked.

Subject: Clinical Neuropsychology
Topic: Emotional and memory suppression when processing trauma

Title Page: APA style

Abstract Page: Should include the thesis

Introduction: Should state the thesis statement

Body Content: The paper should reflect your critical thinking. You may want to compare two conflicting ideas, but the goal is to integrate the materials from your research in a way that clearly addresses your thesis. Remember you are trying to convince the reader of your thesis. Back up your thesis statement with data from various sources. Your thesis statement in your opening paragraph should correlate with your conclusions in your final paragraph at the end of your paper.

Conclusions: Should include your own thoughts about the topic. Your concluding paragraph will likely reveal how actively you have convinced the reader of your thesis. You should mention what there is yet to answer on your topic.

References: Should cite at least 3 APA journal or peer-reviewed medical journals. The other 4+ sources can be original popular sources or non-peer-reviewed articles.

Grading Rubric:
Thesis is clear in first paragraph
Thesis and conclusion matches
Argument cited reference/data
Concluding thesis convincing
Writing clear and concise
Argument(s) compelling
Convincing conclusion compelling