Motional Connection in Feed (Responses)

Write an individual response for the following statements. Write whether you agree with the topic or would like to add additional information. The statements are regarding the book Feed by M.T. Anderson.

The following responses answered the questions below:
One of the major underlying thematic threads in Feed is the emotional connection, or lack thereof, that characters are able to establish with each other. Titus has friendships with Link and Marty, and he seems to include Calista, Loga, and Quendy in his group of friends as well. What do you think their friendships are based on? What do they have in common? Is it simple proximity to each other? Love of buying the same things? Being in school together? On the other hand, Titus forms a completely different kind of relationship with Violet. Why do you think their relationship is different (or is it)? Does Titus really love Violet? Does Violet really love him? Finally, what about familial relationships? Titus has parents and a brother, all of whom we meet, but he doesnt seem to spend a lot of time with them. How do they seem to feel about Titus? In contrast, how does Titus seem to feel about them? How is Violets relationship with her father different from Titus relationship with his parents? How does the Feed, or other technology in Titus world, seem to interfere with personal relationships? Or does it enhance them? How do you think the Feed changes the way that people connect with each other?

Due to all of the advanced technology in Feed, there is a huge lack of emotional connection. It is my opinion that Tituss friendships with Link, Marty, and the girls are due primarily to the feed technology and their Compatibilityaccording to the technology. I am sure the feed probably put them together based on their interests and purchases. That along with their proximity; they have the same classes and such. To me, their friendship is more of a convenience than a real emotional connection.
Violet and Tituss relationship is completely different for the most part. I think this is entirely because of Violets home schooling and the fact that she got the Feed later in life. With her father home schooling her, she has grown to think without relying on the technology. She also has her relationship with her father. The two of them do have an emotional connection without using technology to communicate which influenced Violets ability to have that connection with others. I think Violet really did love Titus, but I have my doubts about Titus loving her. In my opinion, Titus was in love with the idea of Violet. He loved that she was different and challenged everything except for when she said Weirdthings around his friends. If he loved her as a person, he probably would have stuck up for her to his friends when they made fun of her. In the end, I think he was still too tied up and dependent on his feed to really care about her which is unfortunate.
Familial relationships in general were missing except for Violet and her father. Titus doesntt really interact with his family ever and when he does, you cant really find a connection. His parents never really ask how theyre doing or what is going on in their lives as we would hear from our own family today. As for Tituss brother, every time we saw him he was on the feed, either playing a game or watching a tv show. He just gets yelled at; there is no real emotional conversation in the family.

Tituss relationship with Link, Marty, Calista, Loga and Quendy reminded me of usual teenage friendships. When the story started I felt that the interactions and conversations were appropriate for the situation and age of the friends. Because all of them attend the same school, have grown up together, share the same class and use of the feed that this is the base of the friendships. One common theme that Titus and his friends have is the use of the feed to guide their everyday activities. We read that when they were in the hospital they all struggled to occupy their minds. Violet on the other hand seemed to know how to do other things. She also reveals she knows how to write which Titus find odd. I think the reason that the relationship of Titus and his friends work because of their proximity to each other. They relate to each other and because the feed does not challenge them they are likely to stay together. Tituss relationship from Violet was different from the relationship with his friends. I agree that there was an attraction because Titus thought she was different then the rest. When he first saw her the reason why she was beautiful is because she had different clothes. This was the first example when I realized Violet did not follow the Feed and what it recommended as a Trend”. Calista, Logo, and Quendy spent time changing hairstyles or their clothes whenever something changed. This did not happen with Violet. I feel that Titus really did love Violet but because of the lack of emotion that was caused by the feed he did not know they he loved her. When Violet took Titus to the mountains I questions if she truly love him or not. I think that Titus was right when he told her that because she wanted to have normal friends and have a normal boyfriend that it was the reason she loved him. I think she made herself fall in love with him because of her sickness from the losing her feed. Familial relationships in Feed reminded me of the relationships Titus had with his friends. His brother seemed to only be focused into his feed and his mother could not even reach him. Their seemed to be no love and family connections in the house. One example is when Tituss parents decided to get him a new upcar. It seems to happen right when Titus seems to be questioning what is going. Violets relationship is different because of the experiences of her parents without the feed and being poor. They did not have enough money to have their own but out of fear and love for their daughter they choose to get her on later in life. The feed interferes with his personal relationships. It seems to prevent loneliness and unhappiness. The feed causes Titus, his friends, and family to lack an emotional connection with each other.