Motional Intelligence : Apply theories & concepts to problems of an organisation where EI is absent

Aspects of Essay

1. Introduction
definition of key terms
stilmulate interest and establish topics importance

2. Literature review
knowledge & understanding of relevant EI theories & concepts
ability to apply EI theories & concepts analytically & practically
development of logical & well supported arguments
use of relevant examples from literature
answer all aspects of questions
original ideas

3. Conclusion
sound summary of key point & arguments

clarity of expression
organisation & structure
grammar, spelling & punctuation
harvard reerenced

ORGANISATION I would like to use is SPIRAC. ( Over 30 years, SPIRAC have earned a long-standing reputation as innovative leaders in their industry sectors.

SPIRAC operates primarily in the water & Waste Industries with extensive and specialist knowledge and expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of their product lines and systems.

I would like to point out 4 areas, where EI is absent or EI a major contributor of success.
(1) Production : Production manager is good at managing upward, and creating superficial relationship with people in office. But on factory floor, his treatment to factory and production workers is emotionless. He is a political animal. He recently experienced staff retention problems and production problems (not being able to despactch jobs on time, etc etc……please elaborate on this……and apply EI theories and suggest solution)
(2) Marketing & Sales: there was an instance where one of the senior sales engineer used his intuitiveness and listening skills to solve clients problem before it was even communicated to him. Customer was impressed & good relationship was established. Good use of EI skills. (PLEASE APPLY THEORIES & MODELS AND ELABORATE ON THIS TOO)

(3) Finance & Admin: plesae provide an example of communication problem …..and how emotionally intelligent C.F.O would have acted in similar situations & how EQ training could help him…….

(4) Senior Management: Can you please create a situation in the area of (participative management, making employees feel at ease at work & etc..)& apply theories & provide solution.

Please use lots of theories, models and concepts from various sources.

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