Motional intelligenceemotional intelligence vs. IQ in effective mangers


Value: 20%
Due: Sept 8, 2011
Format: This may be done as an individual assignment OR as a pair (2 persons), your choice.

This assignment will allow you to identify and explore a research topic related to the subject matter of the course, decide how you will work to achieve your research goal, and be evaluated on your performance. It will provide the opportunity to formulate a research question related to any of the supervisory skills learned in the course, and then discover an answer to the question by doing a?academic researcha? using the LIBRARY and other sources, or, academic research supplemented by a?field researcha? with practicing supervisors or managers. Please note that the MacEwan library has access to many electronic databases that provide full text articles. Ensure that you use refereed journals and not just miscellaneous websites that may be only opinions versus credible sources.

First, identify a course area or topic which you are really interested in, and develop a plan to explore that topic further, working on your own, or in a pair. Your inquiry MUST relate to one of the supervisory interpersonal skills studied in the course curriculum.

You must frame your paper topic as a research question.
Samples: a?Delegation a do organizations today expect their supervisors and managers to be effective delegators, and how is effectiveness measured?a?
OR: a?Do hospitality industry supervisors in a case study setting at a?_______ Hotela set goals with their staff; if so, how; and is this process consistent with theoretical guidelines for goal setting?a?

Next, decide on the research methodology which will be used to explore the topic question. Your research method(s) must include library research (using print and on-line resources), and may be supplemented with, for example, observation of a?real-lifea? supervisors. Academic sources should NOT be limited to college texts used in previous MGMT courses. It is unacceptable to convey the impression that one has done research, when all you have done is cite your old Principles, OB and OT texts.

Then, do the research and write it up. Your report should be both descriptive and analytical of your readings and findings. Individual assignments 7 a 10 pages, and pair assignments 10 a 15 pages.

NOTE: Current APA Style guidelines must be strictly followed (handout available from the LIBRARY or via the Collegeas website.) Pay particular attention to how you acknowledge material that is paraphrased from another source, as well as the use of direct quotes.
You may wish to refresh your understanding of writing a research paper by reading the LIBRARYas Research Strategy pages on its web page. Please see me if you have any questions about your research process or confidentiality protocols. If you interview actual supervisors, they and their organization must be identified in your paper. NOTE: Do not use Wikipedia as a source of information as this will result in lost marks. Also, Google Scholar is a more credible search engine than just using Google.


Marking Guide

Name(s) ______________________________________________

Value: 20% of Final Grade



The Report

introduction, description of research topic and research methodology

1 2 3 4

description and discussion of findings through literature research or both literature and a?fielda? research. Number, relevance and currency of sources used.

comparison, evaluation and analysis of research findings & conclusion(s) from reputable sources

2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 4.5 5

clarity, organization

.5 1 1.5 2

Proper APA documentation of sources used (e.g. all direct quotes and all indirect paraphrases). All works and other sources cited on References page appear in body of paper, and vice versa. APA reference citation style is strictly adhered to. Good format, spelling, punctuation, grammar.

0 1 2 3

TOTAL: __________________/20

NOTE: Please refer to the APA referencing guide on the home page of the course to ensure that all references are cited correctly.