Mpirical Action Research on Behavior Management Systems

The five article critiques must be on peer reviewed research articles that have been retrieved from the Campbellsville University Library database or any other university database to which you have access. These critiques should be about the intervention that you select for your research project. A rubric is provided for the critiques. Attach the article critique rubric to your submissions with your name and the author and title indicated. You must include complete and accurate citations for each article that you use. These citations MUST be in APA style. You must critique five EMPIRICAL research, not informational, articles. Articals need to be Empirical Action Research Based on Behavior management research sytems. Each article must be one page. NEED VALID EMPIRICAL RESEARCH BASED INFORMATION. I also need a thesis statement for a paper that is titled Empirical Research Based Behavior Management Systems. ARTICLES NO LATER THAN 2005. Focus on behavior intervention. data collection, multiple data sources evident, need all points. Need 3 data sources and they need to match the research question and include review of literature. speak in 3rd person. Include ethical standards for Kentucky school system. type of research needs to be quantitative. I ALSO HAVE A RUBRIC FOR YOU TO FOLLOW!!!!! IF YOU TELL ME HOW TO ATTACH THE RUBRIC I WILL ATTACH OR EMAIL TO YOU. THANK YOU!!!!