Mpirical Investigation of Revenue Management Applicability

Basic Student Instructions:
The student will select a topic related to their particular area of concentration. This can be either investments or corporate finance. In addition to presenting the results, the student must submit a completed paper of approximately 10 a 15 pages. The elements that must be included in the paper will be a thorough review of the academic literature related to the topic that has been selected. In addition, the students will be required to use data to support their research findings. The specifics and depth of the empirical work will be determined by the individual faculty member. There must be statistical data represented.
For my particular paper:
Would like to discuss/research the empircal formulas (math) behind the Revenue Management (RM) application mainly as it pertains to the travel industry. Of course the history of the RM application will need to be discussed as well, but the main focus should be on how the RM application has changed the industry and these findings need to be supported up with statistical research.