Mpirical Research for female and management positions

the title of the paper is Empirical Research in female and management positions

This research paper is to study the various factors that cause the lack of finding females in leadership and management position and how is that negatively influences organizations in saudi arabia. The research methodologies used in this study is a survey which I have developed on sample of full-time employees working privet and public sectors in Saudi Arabia, which i need you to include it in the paper. Also, the study conducted based on the exploration and analysis of key literature reviews that address the workers who experience stress related issues in the workplace and how it impact their productivity level.

a proposal about the subject was submitted earlier regarding what we have to study or research about find attach proposal for more details

in this research we need to follow the below Structure

An abstract or synopsis (a narrative or treatise), this is probably the most important part basically it should contain three to four sentences that answers the
following: what is the research questions? and why it is important, how did we
answer the research question, what did you find out in response to it (them), and what conclusion or recommendation you draw regarding your research question(s).

Introduction A literature review Research Questions Theoretical Framework Hypotheses method section (a) study design (b) population and sample (c)variables and measures (d)data collection method (f)data analysis and results (g)Discussion of results (j)recommendations conclusion -references with APA style of formatting
and make sure to include the limitations and future research

a sample is with the following name is attached showing the structure and what need to be written there (sample page (1),sample page (2),sample page (3))

the survey can be find in this link with all the question live.php?codef227be9
attached are the collected data with the name of Data.xls”,Graphs.ziphold all the graphs that where build based on the data result.