Mploy ethnographic methods to the study of gym culture in UK

put theory into practice as you research a culture of your gym. You will be required to gather information through fieldwork, which you will then analyse and report in your ethnographic file. Your file may also contain visual material i.e. photographs, drawings, maps, flyers, posters, post cards.




Main body
Which culture are you studying and why. Outline briefly what ethography is, why we use it in researching culture. Discuss briefly ONE famous ethnographic study ( as an example). Make sure you reference here and use academic sources.
Discuss how you planned to carry out your research where (anonymise just say a gym in…).You should use covert observation and can talk to people but ONLY those you know.
What did you discover?
This should be highly descriptive describe what you saw, heard, even smells.. What was happening ? Were there any rituals -differences?? Any trends? For example in dress, speech manerisms .


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Online sources
Social science virtual library