Mployability and Entrepreneurship Career Action PlanSPORT SECTOR


Prepare a report demonstrating an awareness of the knowledge, skills and experience required by a recent graduate to enter graduate employment in the sport sector. The research and self-reflection required to prepare the report will support you in your future career planning and decisions and in the transition to opportunities after your undergraduate studies.

The overall aims of the assignment are to provide you with the opportunity to:

a? demonstrate awareness of the different types of graduate opportunities i.e. graduate training schemes, professional careers, opportunities with small and medium size enterprises (SMEas), public sector roles, opportunities in the charity / not for profit organisations
a? demonstrate how to research these opportunities in terms of the range of resources available and reflect on the usefulness of these to you
a? develop an awareness of the skills, knowledge and experiences graduate employers are looking for, and how they expect graduates to demonstrate these
a? demonstrate the role of self awareness and reflection in Career Development activities

a? You are required to identity a job / occupation / sector of employment in the sports industry.
a? This can either be a particular profession i.e. marketing, accountancy, teaching, or across the whole sports industry sector
a? Your research should cover a minimum of 6 organisations that have opportunities for graduates in the area of your choice. Your research should include a wide range of organisations including larger corporate organisations, small and medium sized organisations (SMEas), not-for-profit, public sector etc.


INTRODUCTION Provide a brief paragraph outlining what your assignment will cover and how you decided on what to do it on. If you have not referred to the findings from at least 6 organisations please make clear to the reader why this is the case. If you are already working in an organisation and have taken a different approach to the assignment please make clear what your report will cover. This should be written in the first person. i.e. you can use a?Ia?

MAIN SECTION a Occupational ResearchThe section of the report should be as a factual reflection of the findings from the occupation or area of graduate employment you have chosen to research. This should be written in the third person and include full a?Harvard referencinga? to all sources of information used. The following headings should be used this section:

a? Terms of reference a What are you setting out to research and report on i.e. Graduate opportunities in the Sport sector
a? Methodology a How did you approach carrying out your research? What sources of information did you use? Include both secondary resources i.e. reports, websites, employment statistics, company literature; and primary research; speaking with current graduates, contacting employers
a? Main Findings a this should include the key information regarding this occupation or area of employment in terms of:
o General Employment trends in this sector / occupation: the employment market generally in this area, recent developments, predicted future trends.
o Opportunities for recent graduates a what organisations are recruiting graduates in this area of employment? What types of role would a recent graduate be doing? Where are they advertised?
o The skills / knowledge and experience required a a summary based on research of a minimum of 6 different organisations of the key skills / knowledge and experience expected from an applicant at this stage in their career
o How are graduates selected in the organisations you have researched? What are the recruitment and selection methods being used? How are you expected to demonstrate your skills / knowledge / experience?