Mployability and Professional Development (Reflective Essay)

The essay is an individual piece of work and should not exceed 2,000 words excluding appendices. You are expected to use academic literature and other credible sources. All literature and other material must be fully referenced and sourced. The essay should be submitted as one document and must include a copy of your blogs in an appendix. The academic literature should provide a critical evaluation and analysis of the employability skills you have developed (e.g. the skills employers want, team building, leadership, assertiveness etc) The essay should reflect on your development and demonstrate what steps you have taken to develop your current skills and capabilities. Specific examples should be drawn from the blogs you have posted.

You need to reflect on the skills you planned to develop in assignment 1. Did you achieve your plans? How did you? If not a why not? Did you develop other skills you hadnat planned to? What are they? How did they help you? Your essay should also refer to the case stories and how they contributed to your development. This is a reflective essay therefore you may use the first person. You should re-read the feedback from assignment 1 as this assignment builds on the work you did in that assignment. You are encouraged to re-use and add to the literature you used in assignment 1 to discuss what do employers want and the nature of the skills you developed, e.g. what is assertiveness? Why is team building important?

*note: I already have attended to effective interview & meeting skills course four weeks ago. this course worth to be mentioned. also I will provide you with the first assignment file. It has got missing requirements that need to be placed in this one. the important thing is that I missed to write learning proposal for the first assignment and i need it to be written in the second one