Mployability and Professional Development

For this assignment you need to write an essay of no more than 1,000 words on the subject of team working in the modern business world and how well equipped you consider yourself to be for working in teams in a business context. The essay should follow a conventional format, with a brief introduction, a main body and a short conclusion. Part of the essay needs to discuss how important team working is in the modern organisation, citing some relevant evidence and examples. The other part of the essay should discuss your own ability to work in a team, and should also include evidence (e.g. discussion of your results from the Belbin self-perception inventory) and examples (e.g. of what you have contributed to teams you have worked in on course assignments or in a work or social context). You are not expected to cite a lot of literature, but there should be some and it should be referenced using the Harvard referencing style.

Mployability and Professional Development

You are asked to prepare a short report on the current graduate jobs market and what areas you will need to focus on in order to secure a good job after you graduate. The report should be of not more than 1,000 words (excluding appendices) and should provide a critical evaluation and assessment of your existing employability skills and capabilities. Your evaluation should be based on the CareerEDGE model of Dacre Pool & Sewell (2007), especially what the model says about what employers want from graduate recruits.
The report must include a learning proposal as an appendix that outlines what skills and/or capabilities you intend to develop during the course of this module. A current CV and a covering letter should also be included as an appendix. These will not count towards the word count.

Mployability and Professional Development

A PDP outline attached to 1500 words reflective summary

Marking criteria for the reflective summary and supporting PDP

Communication and Presentation (10%): Comprehensive and correctly structured review. Style of writing is very fluent and develops a coherent and logical argument. Excellent referencing a no omissions or errors.

Synthesis/ Creativity/ Application (20%): Logical presentation of the main themes. Very good demonstration of synthesis. Personal development, career development and pertinent employability skills concepts in context of specific job/career area have been clearly applied to the argument.

Analysis (30%): Excellent use of theoretical and conceptual models from the module to guide analysis linked with a critical discussion of main theme of this module and put in context of specific job/career area. Deconstructs the major themes used in the argument.

Evaluation (40%): Shows clear evidence of reflection on career prospects and employability skills concept (from assignment 1) with evaluation of the discussion developed by providing a defence (support) of opinions in the portfolio.

Mployability and Professional Development

Assignment 3 Reflective Essay

An individual written piece of work (40% of final grade)

Learning Outcomes

This assignment addresses learning outcome 2 for the module and will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the achievement of this outcome in relation to the set questions. This learning outcome is:

Analyse, evaluate and reflect on their own performance and learning experiences including the achievement of objectives.


You are asked to:

Prepare an academic essay of not more than 1,500 words that provides a critical evaluation and reflection of the development of your selected employability skills and capabilities identified in assignment 1.
You should write 4 blogs as appendices to your essay



Your blog entries are just stories about employability and may refer to this module, your part-time work, previous jobs or anything related to employability and employability skills.

Your stories must be true stories. For example you may want to tell a story about employability skills; how did you develop these skills? Did you develop skills as a result of the module or work experience? How did you recognise you needed to improve? How did you realise what skills you have? Perhaps you developed conflict management skills from working on the door of a nightclub or negotiation skills when persuading your boss for a pay rise. Your story should be interesting to read and you may want to comment or refer to other students stories. Did another story help you? Did you learn something? Can you help another student with your experience? You are encouraged to read and provide short comments on other studentsa stories.


The essay is an individual piece of work and should not exceed 1,500 words excluding appendices. You are expected to use academic literature and other credible sources. All literature and other material must be fully referenced and sourced. The essay should be submitted as one document and must include a copy of your blogs in an appendix. The academic literature should provide a critical evaluation and analysis of the employability skills you have developed, i.e. the skills employers want (e.g. team building, leadership, assertiveness).

You need to reflect on the skills you planned to develop in assignment 1. Did you achieve your plans? How did you? If not a why not? Did you develop other skills you hadnat planned to? What are they? How did they help you? This is a reflective essay therefore you may use the first person. You should re-read the feedback from assignment 1 as this assignment builds on the work you did in that assignment. You are encouraged to re-use and add to the literature you used in assignment 1 to discuss what do employers want and the nature of the skills you developed, e.g. what is assertiveness? Why is team building important?

Marking Criteria:

Your essay will be assessed on your ability to fulfil the following criteria:

Reflection on learning 30%

Demonstration of critical analysis and evaluation 20%

Blogs 20%

Use of theory and models 20%

Overall presentation, style and layout including referencing 10%