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please see all the documents i will upload in the personal customer area.
Assessment objectives (reflect on these points in your assessment)

yii?? What was the exercise brief (did I understand the instructions if not, why didnai??i??t I?) what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?
yii?? How did I preform in the team, was my Belbin assessment correct (what do you mean here ai??i?? do you mean does the student agree with the assessment? )Am I actually a team player, am I a leader or follower, did I sit back and let others do the work
yii?? What did I learn about myself during this exercise? What do I need to change and whatai??i??s my plan to do so
yii?? How will what I learnt change my behaviour in the future. Previous experience can predict future behaviour.

Topics which will be required to reflect back on for assessment 1 part 1
yii?? Kimai??i??s game
yii?? Marshmallow challenge
yii?? Belbin team role ( link this to your team role in the above exercises)
yii?? Personality Assessment
yii?? Strengths and Weakness

What topics will be required to reflect back on for assessment 1 part 2

Produce a CV using the template issued and provide a cover letter.
This assessment will not exceed 1,200 words. Referencing will be graded under the heading presentation.