Mployability In Action please see the order description and see the attachment files -Two Parts 875 word Each part

Employability In Action
The assessment is broken into two distinct parts:part one 875 word part two 875 word
please read the order description and i will upload attachment file for the Branding Exercise for part one
Part One: 875 words
Reflection Guide Lines
-How did you feel during the public speaking? What did you learn about yourself? What needs to change so you become an effective public speaker?
-Your role within the groups

The assessment is broken into two distinct parts:
Part One: You will reflect on the following headings:
i?? The Branding exercise
please find the exercise as attachment file in the order files
i?? Group presentations (The Art of conversation is dead?)
please answer the question (The Art of conversation is dead)

The reflection MUST cover the following:

1-Your participation (deliverer of the talks)
2-How did you feel during the public speaking? What did you learn about yourself? What needs to change so you become an effective public speaker?
Answer:relaxed condifdent and I found out that I am much better at presentation that I thought I was
3-Your role within the group
Answer 3: group member

Part Two:875 words
Practice interview (Mock) what did you learn from the process in relation to been interviewed and interviewing?
How did you handle questions, what did you learn? What action will this learning have in the future? How is my previous experience fitting in what I learnt in theory?

Your reflection MUST cover the following:
-Practice interview (Mock) what did you learn from the process in relation to been interviewed and interviewing
1-why would you like to work for /with us ?
Answer 1: good place and company good salary near my house practice my language have more experience .
2-What experience do you have that is relevant to this job?
Answer: had a course in business and language .Film Studies student .
3-Can you give me an example of a time you had to X?(use the S.T.A.R approach) The spec. will indicate the typical key skills that the employer is seeking to assess.Generic Example: work under pressure or meet a tight deadline ,work as part of a team give an example of a time when you showed initiative?
Answer 3 : i had a group working and one of the group member Refused to complete the work so i asked the lecture to talk with and if the person would Complements the work more than welcome in the group and if no so will asked to leave.

4-what are your top three strengths
Answer 4 : cant leave anyone without help that person .

Interview Assessment Sheet-
1: Organisational Skills:
Question-Candidate clearly demonstrates their ability to organise their work,handle competing priorities ,and achieve result
1: Excellent
Justification for mark:
Answer-Despite lack of work experience ,managed to demonstrate relevant experience through the college experiences ,such as group project and individual deadlines .

2:Interpersonal Skills
Question-Candidate demonstrates ability to build rapport and maintain effective working relationships.Indicates ability to influence and work as a member of a team
1:Excellent :
Answer-have perfectly understands the English language and due to this is able to communicate and corporate with a team . it patient and not afraid to resolve any conflict if necessary

3: Analytical , problem-solving ,decision -making skills.
Question-Candidate demonstrates use logic, ability to weigh pros and cons especially in uncertain
Justification for mark
Answer-Not afraid to resolve any conflicts and is very patient and communicative .was able to demonstrate this through difficulties within a group project .

Question-Candidate demonstrate clear career focus ,and a determination to achieve his or her organisational and personal goals
Justification for mark:
Answer-Has a good idea at what the job entails and what requirements are needed and how he will be able to meet them .

i?? How did you handle questions (what did you learn)?
Answer :Easy and very clear. I did well at answering them.
Discuss your reflection using the following as a guide ONLY:
a? What was the exercise brief (did I understand the instructions if not, why didnat I?) what did you think the purpose of the exercise was?
a? What did I learn about myself during this exercise? What do I need to change and whatas my plan to do so
a? How will, what I learnt change my behaviour in the future. Previous experience can predict future behaviour

How has the stress management theory helped me to prepare for interviews ( you will need to conduct some research into stress management)
How has my past experience and learning match to then theory
What do you think of the theory of first impressions last? Do you have a personal example positive/ negative