Mployability In Action -please see the order description .

Provide six SMART goals
Three short term (18 months)
-Two professional
-One personal
Three long term (3 years)
-Two professional
-One personal
It is essential that the goals stated are SMART

List sixSMART (specific,measurable,attainable,realistic,timely)goals I want to achieve .
A) 3 goals over the next three months : Short term goals.
1-Graduating from university in September 2015 Film Studies course
2-plan to learn every thing about modern technology in photography and directing ,every thing about new Cameras .
3-Personal 3-Quit smoking and pay attention to my health.

A) 3 long term goals: 1-plan to get the master degree in Film Studies and then plan to get PHD degree in film studies.
2-work hard to be a famous director in the future and get connected with professional and famous directors and learn from those people.
3-personal 3-Plan to save some money to buy a house.
Please see the question and answer them according the goals i mentioned
1-Objective :
2-Benefit of accomplishing goal :
3-pain of not achieving goal :
4-Information needed to achieve goal:
5-First three action steps you are willing and ready to take to move your goal forward :
– This assessment is focused on SMART Goal setting. A template will be issued to each person the assessment will be formatted around this template. The GOALS must be SMART
– There must be a clear connection between the GOALS.
Aerial font, a double space between sentences and paragraphs
please note No References needed in this Assignment
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-Provide six SMART goals Information

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