Mployee Communications (just Paraphrase)

Could u please paraphrase (the attached file) and rewrite this assignment in your way by keeping the same idea and following the action items ..


To assess your ability to:

describe the steps/actions that employers can take to avoid union and to achieve strong and lasting positive employee relations
describe the arbitration process and its pros and cons


Scenario: Your company, Fruit Corners, Inc., has recently become aware that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union is attempting to convince employees in your plant to sign authorization cards. Management is somewhat surprised by the campaign because employee relations have generally been good.

*Action Items

1-Prepare a 1-page letter to be sent to all plant employees stating the companys position on the union drive and the companys desire to remain nonunion.
Note: Be certain that the content of your letter does not violate the provisions of the National Labor Relations Act.