Mployee In-House Training Programs: A Strategic & Economic Business Component

Please review the following list of requirements for this thesis level paper. Please contact me if anything is unclear or you need further explanation in order to proceed. This paper needs to be CUSTOM written to fit my needs. The title of my thesis is: Employee In-House Training Programs: A Strategic & Economic Business Component

Total number of pages is 40 (this includes introduction, Literature review, and Sub-Problems)

1) I need a 5-page introduction/overview of In-House training programs. What is it (definition)? History of In-House Training Programs? How are they used today? Are they successful? The Importance of In-House Training? Examples of U.S. Company s that do it well and U.S. Company s that choose to use external training and their reasons for doing so? The introduction must use work cited within the last 5-7 years (1999-present).

2) I need a Literature Review. I need 1 page written on the top 10 sources that were used. Of these 10 sources, 3 of them MUST be books. The rest can be from journals, articles etc. The Literature Review must summarize the article/book in a concise and clear fashion. These sources must be included in the Bibliography.

3) On each sub-problem listed below (1.1), I need a 5 page written analysis on each. Within each analysis, I need 5 sources cited (total 25 sources). Each source that is used must be within the last 5-7 years (1999-present). Of the 5 sources, at least 1 must be from a book (others can be journals, articles, etc.). The analysis needs to address the sub-question that is asked.

1.1 Sub-Problems& & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & & ..

” What are the overall benefits of employee in-house training?

” What are the risks and potential organizational impacts associated with unsuccessful in-house training programs?

” What is the value of conducting a needs assessment?

” What financial factors should be considered in order to support the implementation of in-house training?

” What is the future of in-house training?