The name of the course is Drafting Contracts.

I have a form of EMPLOYEE INNOVATIONS AND PROPRIETARY RIGHTS AGREEMENT and I have to make changes based on the information that my Professor gave me. The informations are:

California Company.
The employee from The State of Ohio.

Company wants the employee to bring with him confidential information about his prior company.
Company wants 5 years noncompete.
Company wants to get his invention after he leaves for 5 years.
Section 17 should be changed . accept if the parties agreed on different law( maybe right check it)
The employee three months of the agreement
The employee does not agree to the noncompete cause
The employee doesn t want to discuss their & .1
The employee wants the law of Ohio to apply.
The employee wants to be consult for company X during his work with the company.
Please contact me for more information at the number below.