Mployee perception on training & development in Food & Beverage department: A case study of Grand Hyatt Macau

To investigate the employee perception on the effectiveness of training and development in the Food and Beverage department at the Grand Hyatt Macau.


1. To critically review the literature of training & development with particular reference to the application of____theory(need reference and citation)

2. To analyse the training & development programme affect in the F&B department of Grand Hyatt Macau

3.To assess the employees perceptions of this training & development programme


Background information
Main concept of the study
Context of the study
The benefit of study

Literature review:

1.Main Concept(250-300 words)
Training & Development definition(looking for 2-3 theories for the definition)
Employee perception definition(analysis)
How Training & Development definition and employee perception definition link together?

2. Previous study (around 750 words)

3. Theoretical Framework
Overview 2 training models
Then, just focus on 1 training models and specific to present, explain and analyse that model.( how do you going to use and apply this theory)
Besides, remember to put the training models which you have selected in the first objective



The Research Methodology:
Research Design: Realism
Philosophy: Explanatory
Research Approach-Logic: Inductive and deductive approach
Research Method: Quantitative & Qualitative data
Research Strategy: Case Study
Research Tools: Interview & Questionnaire
Research Techniques: Explanatory
Population and Sampling: Non-probability (exp: how many employees in F&B Grand Hyatt Macau. How many employee in F&B Grand Hyatt Macau will be selected?)

World Limit: 3500 Words
500 words introduction
1500 literature review
1250 methodology
250 ethics

Mployee perception on training & development in Food & Beverage department: A case study of Grand Hyatt Macau

My subject is Hospitality Management. The research topic and aim have been approved by supervisor already. Then, we have to do the objectives for our proposal. The key points of objective has been marked down as following attatchment already. the aim and objective you write for me should put it in the first page. it should include primary and secondary research. All referencing should be in harvard system(style). it will be good if the proposal include statistics and charts for the support.