Mployee Performance Appraisal & Mitivation and Incentives

I have another assignment to do which made up of two parts which are which in total they equal to 850 words:
1) Choose a local company ( in UAE; Dubai for example) and write a report explaining its performance appraisal system in term of:
1) The Process of Performance Appraisal (150 words)
2) The Objectives of Performance Appraisal (150 words)
3) Methods and Tools (150 words)

2) Using Reinforcement Theory to understand why people do what they do.

Reinforcement Theory can be used to explain why people sometimes do things not immediately apparent. Why do workers perform unsafely even though aware of dangers? Why do managers give appraisals they know to be less than accurate? Why do they promote based on seniority rather than merit? Instead of invoking demographic characteristics or personality traits a none of which can be readily altered a one can look to the consequences that occur; many of which the organization can rearrange. In reinforcement theory, the principles of negative reinforcement, punishment by application, punishment by removal, and extinction, as well as positive reinforcement, all involve the consequences of behaviour. Positive and negative reinforcement strengthen, and punishment and extinction weaken behaviour. Together, they provide a basis for better understanding and ultimately for making better informed positive changes.

1) Identify reinforcement theory (100 words)
2) Explain how undesired behaviours are sometimes mistakenly reinforced at workplace.
(100 words)
3) Give an example emphasizing the importance of reinforcement theory (100 words)
4) Are you with or against reinforcement theory? Why? (100 words)